New Fantasy MMA Site Sets Up Shop In VA

by Ryan MacDonald

As mixed martial arts continues to grow in popularity, so will the desire for fans to want to be able to pick fight winners and hopefully gain monetary growth or prestige by doing so.  Daily fantasy sports (DFS) have become a major staple amongst sports fans, worldwide.  DFS has changed the landscape of fantasy sports, as the days of drafting a season long team, in one of the big 4 sports (football, basketball, baseball & hockey) has lost it’s luster, among some.  The lure of instant gratification, which has become so prevalent in today’s society, has translated nicely into the DFS arena.  Why would someone want to wait up to 20 weeks to win $500 in a season-long fantasy football league when they could pull down that same winning in a one day selection of players?  

MMA has never been a sport that could really fit the mold of the “old” way of fantasy sports. Professional Fighters League (PFL) aside, MMA does not have seasons.  UFC events are almost every weekend and each event stands by itself, as a single entity and not one week of several that conclude in a season ending event, such as the 17-week NFL regular season, which ends with the Super Bowl.  Forbes published a story, in 2014, discussing their view of the future of fantasy MMA.  They quoted Brian Knapp, the Co-Founder of the former fantasy MMA site, Kountermove, as stating just that. “We think that fantasy MMA can be as large as fantasy football and baseball, and perhaps even larger because of its global audience, year-round schedule, single event games and the demographic.”  Perhaps Mr. Knapp was correct, as DraftKings, who became the official fantasy MMA partner of the UFC and whom many would call the leader of the industry, purchased Kountermove. Although, sites like MMA Playground and Playline (co-owned by Michael Bisping) are gaining ground.

However, there is a new player in the fantasy MMA market and they are based out of the Richmond, Virginia area.  BSMMA began beta testing their site back in 2017 and have perfected what they view as something new and different in the way fantasy MMA is played.  BSMMA’s style of game is different than the usual salary cap based games where you are provided a set dollar amount you can spend on your roster, with each fighter being given a set dollar value.  That style doesn’t always allow you to select the fighters you want to compete for you, thus invariably forcing you to pick  a number of fighters you may have never heard of or may not have any emotional tie to.  BSMMA doesn’t restrict you with a salary cap.  Rather, they allow each player to pick ANY five fighters on a card, decide how and when they will win, along with applying a power up to score bonus points.  The power ups are as follows:

  • Bonecrusher- +3 bonus points each time a fighter scores a knockdown via strikes.

  • Slater- +3 bonus points each time a fighter scores a takedown.

  • Debo- +10 bonus points if a fighter finishes their opponent via pure KO!

  • Cinderella- +15 bonus points if a fighter secures victory within the first two minutes!

  • Flawless- +25 bonus points if the opponent fails to land a single strike!

Just imagine the success you might have had if you had picked Jorge Masvidal to defeat Ben Askren via KO/TKO in the 1st round AND selected the Flawless power up!

Beyond that, live results are recorded upon the completion of each bout, so players can track their performance and winnings, as the event unfolds, and also track their career stats via the Leaderboards which list each players' lifetime points + win percentage. 

Guaranteed prize pools in the public paid entry contests ensure players will receive at least a 10X return on their entry fee. Public contests allow an unlimited number of players to enter, which means the prize pools continue to swell as more players participate. 

Public free entry contests offer prizes as well, with the top scorer receiving gift cards, fight gear, books and BSMMA merchandise.  Prizes rotate each week, and all you need is an email address to compete, no credit card is required.

For those who prefer to compete in a closed setting, BSMMA also offers private contests which allow any player to choose an event, set the contest mode, stakes, and send email invites to their contacts so they can get in on the action. 

Contests close 10 minutes prior to the start of each event.  Results are typically made official within 24 hours of the final bout, with prizes awarded to the top scorers at that time.

BSMMA’s next contest will be for the August 3rd UFC Newark card, featuring Colby Covington v. Robbie Lawler.  Games will be open until 11:50 AM EST, for this event.