Strike Off 7 Weigh In Results

by Felix Falcon

The Marriott of Falls Church was the host for the Strike Off 7 weigh ins, last night, March 25th. A film crew was all over the place setting up a small stage, lighting and camera equipment early on in the evening. The footage from the weigh-ins and fighter lead-in video packages, also recorded throughout the night, will be used for the production in tonight’s fights.

The weigh-ins, albeit subject to the usual late start from the Commission, went off without too many glaring issues. Two fighters, Cody Turbitt and Piankhi Zimmerman, missed weight by less than a pound and their opponents agreed to accept the fights without additional cutting necessary.

The most gracious move of the night came from Dusty Shaw. Shaw has had some tough luck with opponents pulling out or backing out at the last second both at his natural weight class of 170 lbs. and at 185 lbs. as well. This time he’s jumping up another whole 15 lbs. to 205 lbs. and his opponent, Eric Ellerbee, came in 1.8 lbs. over the 206 pound allotment. The promotion told Ellerbee to go cut the additional weight. Not too much later on in the night, Shaw, either out of pure kindness or in trying to mitigate the risk of yet another fight falling through, talked to the promotion and the Commission and said he’d take the fight at whatever his opponent came back at.

I made weight! #strikeoff #mma #catchweight 114

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The funniest moment of the night came from Joshua Peters, who even while weighing in with jeans and a t-shirt, taking a selfie on the scale, came in at a whopping 114.6 pounds. The Maryland Strawweight fighter accepted this fight at a catchweight of 120 pounds, since there are not many men that can make 115 lbs. in the regional MMA market.

Strike Off 7 will take place tonight at the Ernst Cultural Center in Annandale, VA. The event will not be streamed live, but will be broadcast at a later time through Comcast Sportsnet.

You can read our preview of the card here, and make sure you get your predictions in at the Strike Off 7 Tapology Event Page.

Strike Off 7 Official Weigh In Results:

Cleveland Mclean (125.6) vs. Samir Farid (124.8)

Michael Lawrence  (152.2) vs. Jonathan Vinyard (152.6) - catchweight 153 lbs

Jason Brown (169.6) vs. Dameron Kirby (169.2)

Piankhi Zimmerman (156.6) vs. John Mosley (151.8)

Terry Bartholomew (135.6) vs. Roosevelt Archie (135.6)

Ardit Hysa (138) vs. Anthony Tisdale (138) - catchweight 140 lbs

Joshua Peters (114.6) vs. Youness El Oukili (120) - catchweight 120 lbs

Donelei Benedetto (185.2) vs. Eric Wilson (178.6)

Kyle Staten (155.2) vs. Alan Stephenson (155.6)

Eric Ellerbee (207.8) vs. Dusty Shaw (200)

Nathan Boisvert (129.6) vs. Cody Turbitt (131.6) - catchweight 130 lbs