Season 3 of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge to Feature VA Fighter

by Ryan MacDonald

CMT’s hit series, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge will return for a third season, beginning January 3rd, 2016.  The retired professional wrestling superstar, Austin, is an Executive Producer and Host for his namesake show.  Broken Skull Challenge features 8 competitors, per episode, who compete in physical challenges against one another.  The end goal is to come out on top in the episode and gain a chance to compete on the shows final obstacle course, “The Skullbuster”.

This season will feature an MMA fighter from Virginia in one of it’s episodes.  MMA in VA’s top rated female strawweight, Allison “The Hammer” Haynes, will be a contestant on the hit show. 

The Tech Top Team pro got the itch to apply while watching the premier of season 2, one year ago.  Several of her training partners as well as her coach, Perry Gibson, talked the mother of three into taking the chance of a lifetime and applying as a contestant.  Haynes heard back from the producers of the show in April and quickly went through a series of interviews, which culminated in her being accepted as a contestant a mere 10 days prior to beginning production.  

Each episode of the series will pit a group of 8 contestants, either female or male, against one another in a series of elimination challenges that culminate in one skilled contestant getting a crack at “The Skullbuster” course and a shot at $10,000, plus a chance for more, later in the season.  Haynes stated that she was initially intrigued by the monetary value of the experience, but that what she came away with was so much greater.  “These women were so empowering and inspiring.  Although we were competing against one another on camera, off camera we became friends quickly because we were all so like-minded.”  

The short notice acceptance may have been a concern to some athletes, but Allison was in great shape due to her constant fitness and fight training.  This allowed her to not have to worry about falling short due to inactivity.  This opportunity will propel Haynes into the limelight but has not dulled her desire to continue to compete in Mixed Martial Arts.  The Blacksburg native has been tirelessly working on improving her grappling, which will be a nice accompaniment to her devastating right hand, as she has promised herself at least one more MMA bout.

You can catch Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge on CMT on Sunday nights, beginning January 3rd, at 8:00 PM EST.  Allison will be featured on the 6th episode, which will air in early to mid February.  You can also check in with Allison and send her well wishes on her Facebook page.  

Edit: Watch the full episode below:

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