Strike Off 5: Play by Play, Results & Awards reports from the Ernst Cultural Center, in Annandale, VA, Saturday, June 6, at approximately 7:00 PM EST with the live play-by-play and results for Strike Off 5


Brandon Mason vs. Marty Meniuer

Round 1

Meniur, coming in with a six inch height deficit to his opponent, was quick to close the range against his taller opponent and get a takedown, early in the round.  Meniuer had a striking advantage, mostly coming from his ground and pound after the takedown.  Mason was able to attempt an arm bar submission, but was unsuccessful and spent the majority of the round on his back.  

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Meniuer

Round 2

Early knee exchanges in the clinch seemed to give an advantage to Mason.  Mason caught Meniur's knee strike and turned that into a takedown.  Meniuer attempted an arm bar of his his, but didn't have the leverage.  Meniuer was able to power out and regain the top position, which served him well in the first.  Meniuer utilized his strength and top position to transition to Mason's back and sink in a rear-naked choke, for the victory, at the 1:48 mark.


John Mosley vs. Donald Williams

Round 1

John Mosley lived up to his fight moniker, The Bull, as he utilized three slamming takedowns on Williams.  Due to his momentum, however, Williams was able to gain momentary advantage and hook in a guillotine choke, albeit unsuccessful.  Williams did a great job of stemming the tide of the Bull, temporarily, but Mosley was too strong in top position and was able to get William's back, flatten him out and sink in a rear-naked choke at the 3:05 mark.  Referee Shaun Spath had to forcefully remove Mosley from Williams, as Mosley stated he didn't hear the ref call off the fight.


Chris Rollins vs. Ramon Willis

Round 1

Another fight of tall vs. short, Ramon WIlis, at a 7" height disadvantage absorbed a couple kicks from the longer Rollins, early, one taking him off his feet.  Willis, not wanting to test the reach advantage of Rollins shot in and gained two takedowns in the round and maintained top position, throughout, almost gaining an arm bar as the horn sounded to end the first.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Willis

Round 2

The fighters exchanged kicks, with Willis connecting with a head kick to the taller Rollins.  Willis shot in for another takedown and ate a huge knee from Rollins, but was still able to get the takedown.  An active bottom position, Rollins peppered Willis' back and sides with heel strikes and short elbows, not doing much damage, but scoring points.  Willis again spent the majority of the round on top, attempting several submissions, culminating in a tight guillotine choke that forced Rollins to tap at the 4:45 mark.


Reed Miller vs. Alvin Mercer

Round 1

This fight was all Reed Miller.  He engaged Mercer and work hard for a takedown, which he obtained.  Once on the mat, Miller overpowered Mercer and gained his back, sinking in a rear-naked choke at the 1:34 mark for his first pro win, in his debut.


Bryan Robey vs. Joshua Peters

Round 1

Peters came out looking to land low kicks and get a takedown, to enable a show of his BJJ Brown Belt level skills.  Robey did a good job at evading the takedown attempts and landed punches in bunches, at one point looking as if they might overwhelm Peters.  Peters weathered the storm and pulled guard.  Robey obliged by rewarding the guard pull with some good elbows and ground and pound.  Peters, again, weathered the storm and caught Robey's arm and that was all he needed to lock on an arm bar that forced the tap from Robey at the 3:54 mark.


Albert Benjamin vs. Brandon Grimmett

Round 1

Grimmett gained an early top position, seemingly by accident.  Grimmett missed a low kick on Benjamin and his momentum caused him to fall to the mat, where Benjamin shot in, but over shot him and Grimmett gained a quick full mount.  Benjamin quickly reversed the position and gained top control and entered a very tough Grimmett guard.  Benjamin achieved a pass to side control. The fight made it's way back to it's feet, but Benjamin quickly secured a takedown and got Grimmett back down to the mat.  Grimmett, again, displayed an active guard, but maintained on the bottom for the remainder of the round.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Benjamin

Round 2

The first minute of the round was back and forth, with several kicks exchanged by both fighters.  Benjamin connected with a left hook, on a break, that momentarily wobbled Grimmett.  Seizing the opportunity, Benjamin shot in and secured another takedown.  After some time on the ground and against the cage, referee Angel Ortiz separated the fighters.  As the round neared it's end, Grimmett overcommitted on an overhand right, missed, and Benjamin took his back and dragged him to the ground.  Benjamin controlled most of the round, but Grimmett is still in the fight.

MMA in VA Score: 10-9 Benjamin

Round 3

Benjamin appeared to start the round looking to be the counter fighter and allowed Grimmett to throw some bombs.  Grimmett grazed Benjamin with a left head kick, but Benjamin ate it and took Grimmett back down.  When the fight got back to it's feet, Grimmett caught Benjamin with a right, that appeared to injure Benjamin's eye.  It did not appear to be a poke and referee Angel Ortiz allowed the fight to proceed, without interruption.   Benjamin regained top control in a scramble on the canvas, but Grimmett seemed to be the more active, on the bottom.  Grimmett gained top position, against the cage, as the round ended, but was unable to finish.  Two of the three judges, Scott Howard and Brian Costello scored the bout for Benjamin, 29-28 and 30-27, respectively.  Judge Giovanni Lemm scored the bout 30-27 for Grimmett.  Benjamin is your winner, via Split Decision.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Grimmett

MMA in VA Overall Score:  29-28 Benjamin

Martin Davila vs. Arthur Parker

Round 1

Davila dominated the first stanza, maintaining the majority of the round on top, working submissions on Parker.  However, Parker, who has had difficulties on the ground in his career persevered and reversed the position, momentarily and moved the fight back to it's feet where he is more comfortable.  However, too much time on top, along with the submission attempts tips the round for Davila.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Davila

Round 2

Davila took less than a minute to get the fight back to the mat.  This time he did what he couldn't, in the first, and gain the rear-naked choke tap from Parker, at the 1:08 mark of the round.


Mahmoud Mohagheghrashid vs. Ratioender Melo

Round 1

Not much action until the last 15 seconds of the round.  Both fighters took their time in feeling each other out and gauging range.  The deciding factor, in the round, were the volume of low kicks, from Melo, who doubled up Mahmoud in that regard and the movement forward from Melo.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Melo

Round 2

It took Mahmoud more than a round, but he finally found his range and countered a Melo kick with a crushing right.  Staggered, Melo was on the defensive as Mahmoud unloaded haymaker after haymaker.  Melo withstood about 10 good shots, and gave back a couple of his own, but continued to take punishment until referee Shaun Spath stepped in and called a halt to the bout at 2:20.  Your winner is Mahmoud Mohagheghrashid, via TKO.


Elijah Gbollie vs. Byron McIntyre

Round 1

The big guys brought the heat in this round.  McIntyre and Gbollie did some good trading of leather, with each fighter gaining position against the cage and with their strikes.  The tide turned when McIntyre dropped Gbollie with a crushing right.  McIntyre jumped on top and laid down some good ground and pound, but Gbollie worked through it.  Gbollie took a hard shot to the groin, stopping the fight temporarily.  Gbollie came out of the break on a mission to inflict punishment, being more active with his kicks and momentarily dropping McIntrye with a right.  Very even round.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 McIntyre

Round 2

Gbollie answered the bell as a man on a mission, pushing the pace and backing McIntyre up.  McIntyre used good footwork to evade much damage, but those feet slowed as the round went on.  Gbollie found his jab and connected with with a right that dropped McIntyre.  Gbollie pounced and delivered powerful hammer fists on his opponent that caused referee Shaun Spath to call it a night for McIntyre.  Gbollie wins by TKO at 2:32 of the round.


Ahmet Kayretli vs. Umaer Haq

Round 1

This fight is a matchup of our number 1 and 3 ranked Bantamweights, with Kayretli and Haq, respectively.  Kayretli is so fast it's often difficult to see how many strikes he hits his opponent with in an exchange.  Haq definitely felt quite a few shots, but delivered more meaningful, damaging strikes, hitting Ahmet with several low kicks, which Ahmet playfully played off, but the scored.  Haq was fast and strong, as he was able to connect first and often, with kicks, knees and punches, even getting a takedown.  Very entertaining first round.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Haq

Round 2

These two fighters are pros pros.  Both fighters came out extremely aggressive, with every kick and punch with finishing intention to them.  Kayretli was extremely efficient and effective with his combinations and counters, more so than the first round.  Haq took the punishment and delivered more of his own.  Another very even and entertaining round.

MMA in VA Score: 10-9 Kayretli

Round 3

Kayretli started the round landing two separate combos that each staggered Haq.  Due to Ahmet's effective counters and combos and potentially fatigue, Haq's output did slow down in the round.  That's not to say that he didn't land, however.  At one point with under two minutes left, Ahmet began playing to the crowd and to his opponent, Anderson Silva style.  He paid for it by throwing a kick and getting taken down by Haq.  Ahmet was soon back to his feet, as Haq could not hold him down.  With two minutes left in the round both gyms fans took turns chanting their fighter's names, in deafening fashion.  Both fighters finished the fight throwing and delighting the crowd.  This will certainly go down as fight of the night and potentially Fight of the Year.  The judges rendered their decision and judges Giovanni Lemm and Brian Costello scored it 29-27 for Kayretli, while Scott Howard scored it 29-28 for Haq.  The winner by Split Decision was Ahmet Kayretli.

MMA in VA Score:  10-9 Kayretli

MMA in VA Final Score: 29-28 Kayretli

Jeff Blachly vs Keith Bell

Round 1

Bell started the round in his usual fast fashion, landing a low kick and landing combos that shook Blachly.  Bell took Blachly down and hit him with some heavy elbows and then oddly got up and allowed Blachly to get back to his feet.  Bell looked clearly winded and Blachly capitalized pushing Bell against the cage, getting a takedown and laying down strikes until Angel Ortiz stepped in and waved it off at 3:03 of the round, declaring the winner by TKO and still undefeated as a pro, Jeff Blachly.


Christopher Cain vs. Tim Goodwin

Round 1

The main event of the night matched up to South Carolina fighters, who have met before.  Goodwin took early control of the fight and maintained control, on the ground, for the majority of the round.  Cain was able to reverse position, but subsequently gave it back.  Goodwin worked for chokes and ended the round going for an arm bar.  

MMA in VA Score 10-9 Goodwin

Round 2

Fighters clinched up early and Goodwin went to the ground awkwardly, as if he hurt a knee.  Cain took full advantage and worked for a successful calf slicer submission, which was too much for Goodwin to work through.  Goodwin tapped at the 57 second mark of the round.


MMA in VA "of the Night" Awards


Felix Falcon:  Ahmet Kayretli v. Umaer Haq

Ryan MacDonald:  Ahmet Kayretli v. Umaer Haq


Felix Falcon:  Joshua Peters

Ryan MacDonald: Joshua Peters


Felix Falcon:  Jeff Blachly

Ryan MacDonald:  Jeff Blachly