In the Books: Cagezilla 2

by Monica Hunsaker

ASHBURN — Despite the cancellation of Saturday night’s main event, the Cagezilla 2 fights delivered plenty of blood, sweat and action. Fans roared with excitement for the 14 matches and a new Cagezilla Featherweight Champion.

Ground Control Academy’s Scott Noble and Kaizen MMA’s Jonathan Liggans’ fight would have put the Middleweight title on the line, but was cancelled due to health complications Liggans faced during his weight cut, which culminated in him passing out. Despite having cut approximately 20 pounds himself, Noble was left without a match. Still, the night quickly got off to a wild start.

The second match of the night proved to be a great battle and a triumph for Disciple MMA’s Andrew Horace. Horace and Maryland MMA’s Aaron Better endured all 3 rounds of the fight. Seemingly unaffected by the knees thrown by Better, Horace body-slammed him three times within the first round and dominated. Horace started the round two with another body-slam, but the tables quickly turned when Better caught him with a knee. With Horace obviously injured, Better took the fight to the ground, ground-and-pounding Horace to take control before the round’s end. Horace looked exhausted going into the third round, sporting a bleeding right eye. Still, he started round three by body-slamming Better yet again, after landing a vicious hook. Better got away, gaining a dominant position from the rear and threw knees. The fighters grappled for dominant position and the fight ended on the ground with Horace on top, serving up a ground-and-pound beating. The fight brought the night’s only Split Decision (29-28, 30-28, 28-29) and Horace was declared the victor.

Ground Control Academy's Kevin Fulmore and Conquest BJJ’s Matt Skibicki made fight three all about the kicks. Eventually, the fight was taken to the ground where Fulmore finished Skibicki with a spectacular triangle choke less than a minute before the final bell of the third round.

Crossroads MMA’s Anthhony Wilson overwhelmed T2G’s Derek Bracey in the first round. Wilson slammed Bracey and with a quick, powerful kicks to his ribs made referee Todd McGovern stop the fight, giving Wilson the TKO. After the fight it was unclear whether Bracey tapped, verbally submitted, or if it was McGovern who stepped in after seeing enough damage. Before the next fight was introduced, it was made clear that Bracey did not submit to Wilson's strikes.  

The Co-Main Event featured two Welterweight competitors: Evolve Academy’s Brent Walter and Bowie MMA’s Alvin Amana. Walter had a rough start, bleeding by the end of the first round. He started round two by delivering an illegal groin kick, momentarily stopping the match. Both fighters relied heavily on kicks to damage their opponent in the third round. Walter finally caught Amana off-guard with a strong kick and quickly slammed him to the ground. Flattening him out and gaining side control, Walter rendered Amana unable to escape his strikes, keeping him under full back control until the end. The judges unanimously declared Walter the winner (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

The battle to be named Cagezilla’s  Featherweight Champion was long, bloody and did not disappoint. Ground Control fighter Tucker Lutz and Trident MMA’s Oscar Ramirez lasted until just one second before the final of the three bells would sound. Both came out swinging, but Lutz was able to take Ramirez down repeatedly, taking him to the ground three times within the first round. Ramirez came back stronger in the second round, dominating Lutz towards the end by taking him to the ground and holding him there. Ramirez was unable, however, to complete a triangle choke before the round’s end and looked drained throughout the final round. Keeping the fight standing, Lutz threw vicious elbows to Ramirez’s head and knees to his ribs, brutalizing him to win by TKO at 4:59 in round three. Tucker Lutz’s hands were raised as fans excitedly cheered for the new Cagezilla 145 pound champion.

Fights from this event will be broadcast on the Comcast Sports Network in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned to the promotion's Facebook page for air times. Cagezilla's next event will be held on July 25th, back at the SEG in Ashburn. 

MMA in VA’s “Of the Night” Awards

Monica Hunsaker

Fight of the Night: Tucker Lutz v. Oscar Ramirez 

Submission of the Night: Kevin Fulmore 

Knockout of the Night: Tucker Lutz 

Felix Falcon 

Fight of the Night: Tucker Lutz v. Oscar Ramirez

Submission of the Night: Kevin Fulmore

Knockout of the Night: Tucker Lutz 

Complete Results

Tucker Lutz def. Oscar Ramirez at 4:59 of the 3rd round by TKO (strikes)

Brent Walter def. Alvin Amana by Unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29 - 28)

Samlullah Ahmady def. Ryan Hill by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Ben Allen def. Rene Chavez at 2:09 in the 2nd round by Submission (Rear-naked choke)

Dennis Crossen def. Rob Tilley by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Ralph Garcia def. John Amos at 1:02 in the 1st Round by TKO (Strikes)

Brian Lim def. John Csoka at 1:33 of the 1st round by Submission (Standing Guillotine)

Leon Tsai def. Chase Dews at 1:36 in the 2nd round by Submission (Rear-naked choke)

Rob Wolford def. William Kim by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Anthony Wilson def. Derek Bracey at 1:45 of the 1st round by TKO (Strikes)

Kyle Graham def. James Kelly at 1:44 of the 1st round by submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Kevin Fulmore def. Matt Skibicki at 2:07 of the third round by Submission (Triangle)

Andrew Horace def. Aaron Better by Split Decision (29-28, 30-28, 28-29)

Hans Schenk def. Julian Brown at 1:28 of the first round by Submission (Guillotine)