In the Books: Spartyka Fight League 19

by Monica Hunsaker

April 11, 2015 — 14 fights on Saturday's SFL 19, 'TKO for the Ta-Tas’ card made for a busy night at Norfolk’s Ted Constant Convocation Center. There were touching displays of sportsmanship, fierce stare-downs and a new Bantamweight Champion was named. 

Independent fighters overwhelmingly filled the red corner, but it was the blue corner that saw most of the night’s victories. 

The first two of the three preliminary fights lasted all three rounds. Geno Quintin of Impact Martial Arts Academy defeated independent fighter Dallas Major in the Featherweight division. Both men were obviously exhausted by the end and Quintin’s kicks weren’t giving him much defense against Major’s repeated takedowns. But Quintin's perseverance paid off. In a surprising twist, on the ground, he transitioned from a triangle to secure an arm bar, forcing Major to tap just five seconds before the final bell. 

The following fights kicked off with another exciting Featherweight face-off. Global MMA’s Quintin Gray dominated independent fighter Michael Wolford for most of the three rounds, until the end when Wolford landed three back elbows from the ground, and took a dominant position. He continued striking Gray and dominated through the end of the final round, but it was too late and Gray was unanimously decided the winner (30-27, 29-28, 29-28). 

The match between Welterweights Damon Miner and Michael Hill was intense from start to finish. Miner, a wrestler for Team XCWT, also defeated his independent opponent, Michael Hill by strikes in the first round. Both refused to touch gloves, instead staring one another down, head-to-head, in the middle of the cage before the bout even started. A shove before the sounding of the bell forced the referee to pull the two apart. After his loss, Hill refused medical attention and refused to stay in the cage for the official call, immediately exiting the cage and inviting jeers from the crowd. 

The first independent winner of the night followed, when Blake Fisher defeated Bushido MMA’s Joe Cipcic with a unanimous vote of 29-28 at a catchweight of 165 pounds. Then, in one of the most exciting moments of the night, MMA Institute's Cory Lay defeated the independent Derrick Carter with an impressive KO just 12 seconds into the first round. Lay threw a quick and powerful right cross, knocking Carter out and leaving him disoriented. 

The main event did not disappoint, though it was over sooner than most expected. MMA Institute’s Shaun Spath faced Bushido MMA’s Thomas Blair, challenging Blair’s Bantamweight Championship title. Spath made a confident entrance in neon pink shorts. He and an equally relaxed looking Blair respectfully clapped upon one another's introduction and touched gloves. When the bell sounded, however, they were all business. Spath and Blair spent most of the round on the ground, Spath maintaining dominant position for most of it. Blair used impressive flexibility to try to escape Spath’s hold. Still, Spath secured a rear-naked choke, forcing Blair to tap at 2:50 of the first round. An elated Spath was declared the new SFL Bantamweight Champion. 

Jimi Partyka didn't let the crowd forget what brought everyone together. A woman currently battling breast cancer and a survivor addressed the crowd with words of hope and victory. All proceeds from the event will go to the Susan G. Komen organization, benefitting breast cancer research and survivors, Partyka said.

MMA in VA's "Of the Night" Awards:

Fight of the Night

Felix Falcon - Geno Quintin vs. Dallas Major

Monica Hunsaker - Shaun Spath vs. Thomas Blair

Knockout of the Night

Felix Falcon - Cory Lay

Monica Hunsaker - Cory Lay

Submission of the Night

Felix Falcon - Shaun Spath

Monica Hunsaker - Geno Quintin


Shaun Spath def. Thomas Blair at 2:50 of the 1st round by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Demar Holloway def. Chris Garnes at 1:48 of the 2nd round by TKO (Strikes)

 James Hurley def. Frankie Jones at 2:36 of the 1st round by TKO (Strikes)

Chris Gardner def. William Haney at 2:10 of the 2nd round by Submission (Mounted Guillotine)

Cory Lay def. Derrick Carter at 0:12 of the 1st round by KO (Right cross)

Blake Fisher def. Joe Cipcic by Unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Damon Miner def. Michael Hill at 2:39 of the 1st round by TKO (Strikes)

Misael Franco def. Robert Reukauf at 2:23 of the 1st round by Submission (Strikes)

Trevor Harris def. David Nelson at 3:00 of the 1st round by TKO (Did not answer bell)

Eric Griffiths def. Aaron Supernaw at 2:31 in the 1st round by Submission (Rear Naked choke)

Quintin Gray def. Michael Wolford by Unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Joshua Freeman def. Ryan Parker at 2:59 in the 2nd round by KO (Right hook)

Scott Davis def. Justin Storey at 1:26 in the 3rd round by TKO (Strikes)